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Jason Huntley wrote:
> Jason Huntley added the comment:
> Finally! I was able to get all building on mingw64, gcc 4.7.2, and python 3.3. I had to take everybody's work here a little further, and I have produced a new patch which will build python33 using the latest minw64 compiler in an msys environment.
> I cloned the 3.3 branch and applied the latest patch available here, py3k-20121004-MINGW.patch. I had to make quite a few more updates to get all the modules compiling with 4.7.2 and python find all the modules in the correct paths in an msys/mingw64 environment. I've compiled another patch, which addresses all the latest issues.
Until now I did not change Mingw compiler class, just because is 
reported in a number of separate issues. I would like to disagree with 
'hard codded' compiler flags into python code. For instance 
-mms-bitfields is default for GCC 4.7+ . Also -pthread has to be 
detected by configure if is required for host platform.
Another point is mno-cygwin - reported in issue 12641. Unfortunately one 
of PSF project directors misread error message and issue remain unresolved.

Please provide more details for change in Lib/ .

What is reasons to add more build-in modules (time, math, ...) ?

Why is updated PC/pyconfig.h ? This is so called by python community 
"posix-build" and pyconfig.h is generated by configure script. Did I 
miss something ?

File contain so many unrelated changes - replace tabs with 
spaces. Please post as separate diff you changes.

Why is updated Lib/plat-generic/regen ?

Currently my private repository reintroduce support 
but this require some changes in PC/getpathp.c . I left current 
installation from makefile as is and after this with an extra script i 
move file for location same as primary build. This is reason do not 
include more search paths in this file. Issue for unification of python 
installation across platforms may be will be resolved with 14302 and 9654.

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