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Sorry, I'm not able to reproduce the behavior you report, either using a current OS X 10.8.2 system with 2.7.3 and ActiveTcl 8.5.13 or on a virtual 10.6.8 system with an 8.5.12 ActiveTcl.  That said, such behavior would almost certainly be due to behavior within Tk or OS X rather than IDLE or Python itself.  It might also depend on what font and font size you are using and on OS X extension programs you might have installed.  Or on one or more System Preferences settings like input method.  Since there are so many variables, it can be very difficult to isolate exactly what difference is significant in such cases.

Just to be sure, exactly which version of Tk 8.5 are you using with this IDLE?  Assuming you have a version of Xcode command line tools installed, type the following commands in the IDLE shell window:

import Tkinter, subprocess, _tkinter
Tkinter.Tcl().eval('info patchlevel')
print(subprocess.check_output(["otool", "-L", _tkinter.__file__]))
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