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Date 2012-12-20.17:45:23
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Even when "posix_local" becomes the default scheme on Debian python builds, it's not clear whether the suggested fix is the correct one to make, unless "posix_local" is added to sysconfig's list of _INSTALL_SCHEMES. Matthias comment makes sense when considering system-wide installs, but when installing into a venv, these considerations don't seem to apply.

Technically the change is not hard to do, but I'm a little uncomfortable whether it's the right thing to do, as it's only for a specific Linux distribution, and it seems a bit of a kludge.

Although the ideal situation is for software not to care whether it's running in a venv, I'm not sure whether installers like pip/distribute need to be completely ignorant of whether they're installing in a venv.

For example, the posix_local scheme says that the site-packages directory is to be called 'dist-packages', which seems unnecessary in a venv since its purpose is really for system-wide installations. Yet, virtualenv names the directory 'site-packages', so it appears not to be following the scheme faithfully as far as that part of it is concerned.
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