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Here are some things that I'm interested in right now:

   1) From what kind of data structure are signature objects generated?

   2) Is there an easy way to do this manually?

   3) Can at least part of the verboseness go into header files (virtually
      all compilers support "static inline" in header files)?

   4) Why don't approaches work that look simpler on the surface, like ?

   5) Are C contributors in general happy (or at least tolerate) the new

Sure, we can discuss 1) to 3) here. For recording objections or approaches
that don't work (think FAQ "Why don't you just do X?") a PEP would be nice
to have.

If I'm the only one who is slightly bothered by the aesthetic and readability
aspects, then 5) obviously need not be discussed. Most people, however, will
probably find out about the change only once Python 3.4 is released.
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