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I second Antoine's request for a PEP. I'm not only concerned about the DSL:

This approach may work for modules like posixmodule.c, where each function
is largely a self-contained unit wrapping some API function.

On the other hand, I don't want to imagine how _decimal.c will look like:
There are > 100 functions that are closely related. Many of those functions
are *already* generated by macros. I think that vertical space is a precious
resource, so all docstrings (cruft as far as understanding the program is
concerned) are in a header file.

The preprocessor would add at least 3000 lines to an already 
large module, tearing apart groups of functions that form logical units.

Apologies for sounding negative, but IIRC this hasn't been brought up in 
the python-dev discussion at all.
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