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Author felipecruz
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Date 2012-11-29.02:47:48
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Just confirmed that signals is not a viable option. Is too slow, as Antonie already pointed. It's almost 5 times slower than with SIGEV_THREAD. 

The problem now is:

If I use Py_AddPendingCall, the tests can hang sometimes. I can still follow Amaury suggestion tough.

If I try to acquire the GIL PyGILState_Ensure() call PyObject_CallObject and release the GIL in the aio_completion_handler function a SEGFAULT occurs in 2.7.3 but not in 3.3 and newer..

This branch works only on 3.3 and newer:

This other branch will segfault 2.7.3 with just acquire and release GIL on the completion handler:

Since this looks very strange, can someone confirm this behavior?

Tested on a Ubuntu12 64.
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