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The _ssl module (and indeed the openssl lib) relies heaviliy on actual filesystem locations to load certificates.  A client or a server may not want to rely on physical filesystem locations to load certificates for authentication or verification.  Physical disc files are cumbersome and present a management burden in the presence of multiple processes.

This patch adds extensions to the _ssl.c file which allows certificates, keys and certification chains to be provided by file contents, rather than file name.  

The ctx.load_cert_chain and ctx.load_verify_locations take additional arguments to specify the data on this form.

the ssl.wrap_socket does not add arguments, rather the function is polymorphic in that the conents of the certfil/keyfile are examined and treated as file-data if beginning with -----BEGIN.  the ca_certs is similarly treated as a list of file contents, if it is a list, (rather than a string)

This patch is the result of work at CCP for deploying ssl clients and servers in an isolated environment without having to resort to temporary disk files.
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