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> The matter is not only in the fact that tests passed.

Right, but I don't want to introduce a regression :-)

> They should fail if the original bug occurs again.  Have you tried to restore the bugs?

test_cmd_line_script.test_non_ascii() comes from the issue #16218, changeset 23ebe277e982. I checked this issue: support_undecodable.patch checks for non-regression with UTF-8 (and ASCI and ISO-8859-1) locale encoding on UNIX.

test_genericpath.test_non_ascii() comes from the issue #3426, this fix comes from the issue #3187, changeset 8a7c930abab6. I don't want to spend time on trying the new test on this issue because this 8a7c930abab6 is a major change, I don't see how to revert it just to test the issue. I consider the issue has fixed, and the new test should not reduce the test coverage, but just increase it ;-)
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