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Am 07.11.2012 13:52, schrieb Ray Donnelly:
> Ray Donnelly added the comment:
>> is there a need for the built vs. installed prefix?
>>     this is logic not found in the python implementation.
>>     what is this supposed to do?
> You are right, it is not found in the original python implementation, but I feel that it's useful. Without it, you couldn't give someone a -devel style precompiled Python archive that they can extract where-ever they want and embed in other software without requiring them to install it to the same prefix used during the build process.

hmm, but python.pc, and Makefile still have this information. 
How would you test the output and compare it with the python implementation?

>> is `local' available in all shells? just avoid it.
> I can't be sure about all shells, but local is *very* well supported (bash, dash, csh); I'm happy to remove it though as it's not necessary.
>> LDLIBRARY and LDSHARED are expressed in terms of Makefile
>>    macros, leading to syntax errors.
> This shouldn't be the case, see:
> # Replace makefile compat. variable references with shell script compat. ones; $(VAR) -> ${VAR}
> +	sed -e "s,\$$(\([A-Za-z0-9_]*\)),\$$\{\1\},g" < Misc/ >

ahh, ok, only looked at the file in the build location.

>> - --includes doesn't include the plat specific include dir
> You are right, I will correct this oversight.

maybe should only be included, if it's different.
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