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Attaching patch based on Andrew's review, agains latest hg (80291:859ef54bdce).

For the MSVC files, I copied what was there for _testcapimodule in PC/VS9.0 and PCbuild, and created two new UUIDs: one for _testimportmultiple itself (36D0C52C-DF4E-45D0-8BC7-E294C3ABC781; used in .sln, .vcproj and .vcxproj files), and one for _testimportmultiple.vcxproj.filters (1ec38ad9-1abf-4b80-8628-ac43ccba324b; used only once).

Please check that I did that correctly. (I am wondering how can one maintain such a build system.)

I also added myself to Misc/ACKS (and sent contributor agreement by mail), added the entry to Misc/NEWS.
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