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Date 2012-10-26.18:09:55
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> I think that this dropdown is mostly like to be used to switch between 
> somewhat recent python versions, like '3.2' -> '3.3', '2.7' -> '3.3',
> and not between '2.4' -> '3.4'

I mostly want to switch between 2.x and 3.x, and several modules got renamed between these versions.  There are also new modules on each release (5 new ones in 3.3).

> I think we need to make this JS dropdown to be off by default;
> so local users won't notice a thing.

Even better would be to make it work -- while fixing the docs I often have to apply a patch on each version and then check that it works.  If that's not implemented, disabling it sounds OK.  By now I'm used to just change the URLs (I do the same even on, but it would be a nice addition.
These are just further improvements though, they don't necessarily prevent the current patch to be accepted.
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