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Date 2012-10-24.11:35:45
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On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:18:03AM -0700, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Christian Heimes added the comment:
> We don't have any box that is capable of running VMS. Even Trent's
> Snakebit setup doesn't have VMS although he has lots of exotic
> hardware and OS, even HP-UX on a PA-RISC machine.

    I actually do have a box set aside for VMS.  It's a quad Itanium2
    with ~24-32GB of RAM (same hardware as the 'titanium' HP-UX box).

    I just haven't set it up yet due to lack of interest.  First thing
    I'll need is OpenVMS media/licenses.  I'll ping HP and see if they
    can assist.
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