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Author sandman101
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Date 2012-10-22.17:53:06
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Hi ,

I love VMS very much, I could not concentrate actively on python
because other work commitments ate up most of my time. I have
left my job at HP and am now a PhD student and university of Nevada ,
Reno .  Now that I do not have any professional commitments , I should
be able to work on it in a more timely manner. I had used python for
an internal project in HP.

The problem now I have is that I need access to a VMS  machine. I was
not able to setup a build bot because buildbot needed some ports to be
open , the machine provided HP did not give privilleges to do that.
Another thing was that they wanted me to use gnv to compile python in
VMS . I however did not really agree with it , gnv is buggy and you
need to enable millions to of hacks to gets programs to compile.
Programs written for VMS should be written the VMS way not the unix
way. I was able to get Python 3.x to compile using gnv finally but it would not run properly. Is it possible for anyone to provide a VMS box with C Compiler and tools ( MMS) so that I can start working on it again. I will try asking HP , whether they would allow me to start working on it on the old VMS cluster they provided.

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