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Date 2012-10-06.07:24:52
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Jesús Cea Avión wrote:
> Antoine, I agree. I beg your pardon. This patch was suppose to be quite trivial, and "test_platform" passes just fine on my Linux and Solaris computers. And the four buildbots I was monitoring, the testsuite passed.
> The suggestion of Marc-Andre of simply adding an "os.access()" to check for file existence first is quite sensible and would be enough and compatible in all platforms and python releases.
> I am for backing out my patches so far and push a simple "os.access()" check. What do you think?.

At least for Python 2.7, I think that would be a nice and simple

> Marc-Andre, I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit why 2.7 file should be able to run fine in 2.3 :-?

That only applies to the version in Python 2.x. Python 2.3 is perhaps
a bit extreme and I'd be fine with bumping it to 2.4.

The main reason for keeping the compatibility is that the module is
also being used outside the stdlib for Python versions starting from
2.4 and later. I don't want to maintain two separate versions.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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