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Author vinay.sajip
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Date 2012-10-04.22:50:42
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I could consider relaxing the parameters on fileConfig such that instead of accepting just a string or a file-like object, it additionally accepts a ConfigParser instance. More specifically:

def fileConfig(file_or_fname_or_cp, defaults=None):
    if isinstance(file_or_fname_or_cp, RawConfigParser):
        cp = file_or_filename_or_cp
        cp = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(defaults)
        if hasattr(cp, 'readfp') and\
            hasattr(file_or_fname_or_cp, 'readline'):

    formatters = _create_formatters(cp)

This will only require (in addition to the above) small tweaks to docs
and tests. It would appear to fit the bill for your use case. Do you agree?
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