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Date 2012-10-01.09:52:23
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> @richard: I'm sorry, but both of my patches contain changes to 
> 'Lib/' and can be applied on top of Python 3.3.0. So can you 
> explain what do you mean, by missing the changes to

I was reading the Rietveld review page

which only shows changes to multiprocessing/ and multiprocessing/

The patch looks like it was produced using git rather than hg, so perhaps Rietveld got confused by this.  In that case it is a bug in Rietveld that it produced a partial review instead of producing no review.

> # unpack the the object into two variables and pass them separately around
> shrd_lock, excl_lock = ShrdExclLock()
> Thread(target=reader, args=(shrd_lock,)).start()
> Thread(target=writer, args=(excl_lock,)).start)

Although using namedtuple is probably a good idea, I don't think it really adds much flexibility.  This example could just as easily be written

  selock = ShrdExclLock()

  Thread(target=reader, args=(selock.shared,)).start()
  Thread(target=writer, args=(selock.exclusive,)).start)
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