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Author xdegaye
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Date 2012-09-28.10:15:36
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See also issue 16056 for the current list of duplicate test names in
the std lib.

The attached patch improves to list duplicate test
names when running 'make patchcheck'. This patch to the default
branch can also be applied asis to the 2.7 branch.

An example of patchcheck output with the patch applied:

$ make patchcheck
./python ./Tools/scripts/
Getting the list of files that have been added/changed ... 1 file
Fixing whitespace ... 0 files
Fixing C file whitespace ... 0 files
Fixing docs whitespace ... 0 files
Duplicate test names ... 1 test:
  TestErrorHandling.test_get_only in file Lib/test/
Docs modified ... NO
Misc/ACKS updated ... NO
Misc/NEWS updated ... NO
configure regenerated ... not needed regenerated ... not needed

Did you run the test suite?

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