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Date 2012-09-25.23:20:09
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Since inheritance is more commonplace and more easily understood than __metaclass__, the abc module would benefit from a simple helper class:

    class ABC(metaclass=ABCMeta):

From a user's point-of-view, writing an abstract base call becomes simpler and clearer:

    from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

    class Vector(ABC):

        def __iter__(self):

        def dot(self, other):
            'Compute a dot product'
            return sum(map(operator.mul, self, other))

Notice that this class seems less mysterious because it inherits from ABC rather than using __metaclass__=ABCMeta.

Also note, it has become a reasonably common practice for metaclass writers to put the __metaclass__ assignment in a class and have it get inherited rather than requiring users do the metaclass assignment themselves.
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