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I fixed a similar bug in Python 3.3: issue #13706.

changeset:   75231:f89e2f4cda88
user:        Victor Stinner <>
date:        Fri Feb 24 00:37:51 2012 +0100
files:       Include/unicodeobject.h Lib/test/ Objects/stringlib/asciilib.h Objects/stringlib/localeutil.h Objects/stringlib/stringdefs.h Objects/stringlib/ucs1lib.h 
Issue #13706: Fix format(int, "n") for locale with non-ASCII thousands separator

 * Decode thousands separator and decimal point using PyUnicode_DecodeLocale()
   (from the locale encoding), instead of decoding them implicitly from latin1
 * Remove _PyUnicode_InsertThousandsGroupingLocale(), it was not used
 * Change _PyUnicode_InsertThousandsGrouping() API to return the maximum
   character if unicode is NULL
 * Replace MIN/MAX macros by Py_MIN/Py_MAX
 * stringlib/undef.h undefines STRINGLIB_IS_UNICODE
 * stringlib/localeutil.h only supports Unicode
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