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Date 2012-09-19.00:38:51
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Attached is a proposed patch.

Some explanation behind the patch that stems from the above comments:

The following is an example of Formatter.format() returning str in the current implementation that would break if we made Formatter.format() return unicode whenever format_string is unicode:

>>> f.format(u"{0}", "\xc3\xa9")  # UTF-8 encoded "e-acute".

(It would break with a UnicodeDecodeError because 'ascii' is the default encoding.)

Since we can't change Formatter.format(format_string) to return unicode whenever format_string is unicode without breaking existing code, I believe the best we can do is to document the departure from PEP 3101.  Since the caller has to handle return values of type str anyways, I don't think it helps to ensure that more return values are unicode.
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