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Date 2012-09-18.18:37:27
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Solaris 10 release (i.e. optimized) build requires the following:

../../src/configure --without-gcc CFLAGS="-v -fsimple=0 -m64 -mt=yes -xbuiltin -xhwcprof -xF -xarch=native -xchip=native -fma=fused -g -xO5 -xlibmil -xlibmopt -xmemalign=8s -xregs=frameptr -xtarget=native -xbuiltin=%all -library=sunperf" CPPFLAGS="-IInclude" OPT="" LDFLAGS="-v  -fsimple=0 -m64 -mt=yes -xbuiltin -xhwcprof -xF -xarch=native -xchip=native -fma=fused -g -xO5 -xlibmil -xlibmopt -xmemalign=8s -xbuiltin=%all -xregs=frameptr -xtarget=native -library=sunperf" CC=/opt/solarisstudio12.3/bin/cc 

(Due to indirect linker invocation via cc, I'm purposely duplicating CFLAGS <-> LDFLAGS for now.  I'll refine later.)
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