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Date 2012-08-31.16:45:42
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Am 31.08.12 18:18, schrieb Eric Snow:
> Doesn't EIO cover pathologies which we don't want to silence?  I could see adding EROFS though.

[This should *really* be its own issue]
Sure, EIO indicates normally something pathological, such as a broken
cable to the disk. I'm not sure it needs to be reported, though, at
least not when coming out of open(): we are trying to write to the 
cache, and that failed really bad. However, this is not bad for Python:
if we don't have a cache file, we can still continue executing.

If we get EIO in the middle of writing, this would be worse.
So as a work-around, I could propose to map OSError(EIO) coming
out of open into PermissionError(EIO) (inside _bootstrap).
But as I said: I'd also be fine with declaring this VM software
unsupported. If this work-around is added, we should record the
exact software for which it is a work-around, so we can remove
it in the future.
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