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Date 2012-08-31.14:40:37
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> Richard: what was your use case?

Building on the main host and a VM without having to commit and synchronize temporary changes.  (The VM has read-only access to the host's repositories).

> What steps did you take that resulted in getting and 
> written to?

As Martin says it is probably just the timestamps which caused to be rebuilt.  In 3.3 is rebuilt whenever the python binary is.

I suspect a bigger issue is the fact that *.pyc files cannot be written to $(srcdir)/Lib/__pycache__.  This means that to complete the build, $(PYTHON_FOR_BUILD) should probably include the -B flag to prevent it from trying to write *.pyc files to a read-only location.

But that still leaves you with a python which only works with the -B flag. Maybe library files could be linked/copied to some writable directory early in sys.path.
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