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Date 2012-08-30.19:50:49
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As a further follow-up: the original code (in 67ed8a6905c3, by Neil Schemenauer from 2001), he explicitly changed GRAMMAR_C/H to refer to srcdir, claiming that errors from building them would be ignored.

In r87558, for which I can't find a subversion revsision for, Victor Stinner dropped the Makefile "-" marker, making the read-only case fail.

In reviewing the patch more, I think it is actually incorrect: it now generates the files into Include, but they aren't considered there since (builddir)/Include is not added to the -I options.

So the two options now are:
a) revert the patch, and restore Neil's original approach, or
b) add Include to the -I options, if srcdir is not "."

Reopening for consideration.
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