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1. I STRONGLY request to take hashing out of this issue. The only further action that this issue can have is complete reversal of the patch, starting over. Now that the issue has been resolved, a NEW issue arises, namely that hashing is inconsistent with equality. Please re-read the original issue: the objective of supporting unknown formats in memoryview comparisons is achieved. Remember that by reopening the issue, you are blocking the release (since it's still a release blocker).

2. Any significant change to the 3.3.0 code base should, IMO, require an additional release candidate (since the release candidate really ought to be what is going to be released, hence the name, so NO changes between candidate and release). Do you really want to delay the release of Python 3.3 until October because of hashing of memoryview objects (which, AFAICT, only affects bytes objects in the standard library)?

3. I don't think memoryview objects should be hashable at all. No matter what definition of hashing you chose, you likely won't manage to get it consistent with ==. Since a memoryview compares equal with its underlying object, it should also hash equal.

4. (unrelated to hashing, related to the original issue) I think it will be possible to create non-transitive equalities, where A==memoryview(A)==memoryview(B)==B, yet not (A==B)

5. I'm not sure whether the hash of a memoryview will surely be constant (as it should): isn't it possible to create a read-only buffer for a mutable memory block (not PyObject), so that any hashing considering the contents will result in changing hashes? Or, since the hash is cached, couldn't that cause the hash to deviate from ==?
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