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Author pitrou
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Date 2012-08-24.16:49:10
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> For this benchmark the call overhead does not seem to be noticeable,
> and using larger or adaptive read buffers does not seem to help
> either.  (I have tried both on Linux.)

Ok, thank you.

> > By the way, not every non-Windows OS is Linux, so the patch is wrong.
> Wrong in the sense of not necessarily optimal for unknown platforms?
> Well, the patch retains the old (intended) behaviour on other
> platforms, so I would call that conservative rather than wrong.

Hmm, you are right, there is no regression indeed.
I guess I don't like very much the idea of switching code paths based on
the platform for pure optimization reasons, but in this case it seems
useful (and simple enough).

> Are you suggesting switching behaviour depending on whether some macro
> is defined?

No, that would definitely be overkill.
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