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Date 2012-08-22.11:57:04
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This also affects 2.7, and the patch doesn't work there.

It does work when I add the call to os.putenv at module scope before (before importing ssl), but I don't really like that. 

It is probably necessary to do it like this though, the code that checks if the keychain integration is enabled caches its results and which means my patch only works accidentally (based on the order tests happen to be run in). 

I've attached a 3th version of the patch that also works with 2.7 (that is, after manually applying the patch). I'm not too happy about it though, the module now changes the environment of the entire test suite (on OSX).

Annoyingly the 3th version does *not* work with 'make test' for python 3.3 , even when I change os.environ. I haven't tried to debug that yet.

I'm disabling the CAcert root key in my keychain for no to be able to test patches without running into this issue.
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