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Author skrah
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Date 2012-08-06.13:19:33
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> Did you see attached patch array_unicode_format.patch? It uses struct
> format "H" or "I" depending on the size of wchar_t.

I totally overlooked that. Given that memoryview can be fixed to
compare buffers with unknown formats, I don't have a strong opinion
on whether array's getbufferproc should alter the format codes of 'u'
and 'w' or not.

The only advantage for memoryview would be that tolist() etc.
would work. However, tolist() previously only worked for bytes,
so in this case raising an exception for 'u' and 'w' is not a
regression but an improvement. :)

If we're deprecating 'u' and 'w' anyway, the getbufferproc should
probably continue to return 'u' and 'w' until the removal of these
format codes.
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