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Date 2012-07-19.01:16:08
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The original patches were to all 3 versions. The later patches were to both 3.x versions and mostly involved get_argspec and expanding the tests. Get_argspec is somewhat different from get_arg_text, the 2.x function it replaced. The main difference I could see is that the latter attempt to deal with old-style classes (I think) and does not use inspect.

I *think* I am done changing get_argspec until I try making use of the new PEP 362 function signature objects, but that can only affect 3.3+. (This would be to improve calltips for builtins). So if you want to backport further changes to 2.7, so it can pass more of the expanded test suite, now is a good time. Since the TC test class in 2.7 is derived from object, there seems to be no test of old style classes, so I don't know if just replacing get_arg_text with get_argspec would break anything that actually works, assuming that get_argspec does work ;-).
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