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Lib/ has a fallback if os.urandom() returns NotImplementedError

from os import urandom as _urandom
   def seed(self, a=None):
        if a is None:
                a = long(_hexlify(_urandom(16)), 16)
            except NotImplementedError:
                import time
                a = long(time.time() * 256) # use fractional seconds

In 2.6, this is indeed what happens in Lib/ where "import urandom from os" gets [2]:

if not _exists("urandom"):
    def urandom(n):
            _urandomfd = open("/dev/urandom", O_RDONLY)
        except (OSError, IOError):
            raise NotImplementedError("/dev/urandom (or equivalent) not found")

however, in 2.7, things have shuffled around as a result of issue Issue #13703 and now _PyOS_URandom will return an OSError if it can't find /dev/urandom [3].

This means if you "import random" without "/dev/urandom" available it crashes trying to seed

I'm not sure if this is intentional?  One easy solution would be to catch OSError in and fall back then too

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