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> == Suggestion 1 ==

I don't think it's that unexpected. I certainly didn't come up with the idea myself - I've seen them before. Surely it might be new to some people, but is it confusing? For one, we think it's an option users should know about. It's also an option that you should explicitly enable. The yes/no seemed like an easy way to ask a yes/no question if you want it.

> Instead, may I suggest a checkbox:

My first iterations of this patch used a checkbox in an additional window. I guess it's a possibility. If I can even figure out how to make any of this actually work, I'll try a version with a checkbox.

> == Suggestion 2 ==

We can't make it the default. This has been explained on this issue, other issues around the tracker, on python-dev, and in a lot of other places. Believe me, as one of the biggest Python 3 advocates you can find, making Python 3 the default installation is not the right move here. If it's on by default, it absolutely will cause problems because people just click right through the installer and their system will be modified in a way that they don't want and potentially won't know how to undo. This type of change has to be exposed in a loud and non-default way to start.
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