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My fix for this "errors" error, might be similar to what is needed for issue 12967, although I don't know if my fix is really correct... just that it gets past the error, and 'strict' is the default for TextIOWrapper.

I'm not at all sure why there is now (since 3.2) an interaction between input on stdin and the particulars of the output class for stdout. But I'm not at all an expert in Python internals or Python IO.

I'm not sure whether or not you applied the patch to your b0, if not, that is what I'm running, too... but using the win_console.patch as supporting code.  The original test script didn't use the supporting code.

If you did patch your b0 bwith, then you shouldn't need to do a chcp to write any Unicode characters; someone reported that doing a chcp caused problems, but I don't know how to apply the patch or build a Python with it, so can't really test all the cases. Victor did add a cp65001 codec using a different issue, not sure how that is relevant here, other than for the tests he wrote.
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