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Date 2012-07-01.09:46:17
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Since update to Python 2.7.3 (as distributed by Ubuntu 12.04 64bit), I experience occasional crashes in the application I am developing (which uses Python scripting). The crash either happens at the first key press or it does not happen at all. Smells like a race condition to me.

I installed the debug version of Python 2.7.3 and compiled my project against that, which gave the attached stack trace. The crash also appears to be easier to reproduce with the debug version, but it still does not occur every time.

The application that exhibits the crash can be found here:

The Python method executed when the crash happens is this one:

    def estimate_speed (self, terrain):
            return self.Dic[terrain]
        except: return 0

Don't think it will be possible to construct a minimum example to demonstrate the issue, but if there is any other information helpful to shed more light on the issue, I'm happy to provide it.


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