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Author skrah
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Date 2012-07-01.09:42:28
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watchexp was available in rescale() from the beginning ...

... and rescale() was renamed to quantize() in

rescale() was once part of the specification, but had identical semantics to
quantize(), which is not specified to allow unlimited rescaling.

I suppose the original rescale() in the sandbox had watchexp for convenience,
in order to avoid two separate functions.

watchexp made it into quantize(), probably because people thought there is
a need for unlimited rescaling. This may be true, but I'd really prefer to
expose rescale() as the unlimited version then.

While it's unusual to just drop an API without deprecation, I think it's OK
in this instance: Virtually all decimal code I saw needs to be cleaned up
anyway because it uses tons of underscore methods from

The only thing that worries me is that there might be code which *really*
needs unlimited rescaling. Such code could of course also use a temporary

So I propose this: Deprecate watchexp and leave it in the Python version for
one release. The C version won't have watchexp from the start. After all,
PEP-399 allows accelerator modules to implement a subset of the functionality
of the Python version -- sometimes PEPs are a wonderful thing :).
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