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Date 2012-06-30.13:51:23
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some chunks of the python-py3k-20120607-CROSS.patch patch are now checked in.

I didn't see any issues with the symlinks, and generating the posix vars, so maybe these bits should be dropped from the patch.

remaining issues are:

 - the readline/ncurses configury. maybe this should be done
   in the using the host tools, and then provided
   to by a Makefile macro?

 - why are the Makefile changes for, pyconfig.h needed?

 - is the _testembed change still needed?

 - does Python/importlib.h really need a rebuild if it's there?
   I think this should just fail, not removed for the cross build.

 - why is the ac_cv_thread vs. ac_cv_pthread change needed?
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