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Author carlosayam
Date 2004-06-03.03:01:09
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bcannon said on 2004-02-17
>> Does anyone know how to cause this error in isolation?

I'm getting the same error when I start a new thread,
daemonise it and the thread goes into a very slow database
operation (loading a large object); meanwhile the main
thread starts a GUI; then I close the window, exiting the
main loop and the python interpreter ends (or tries to end.)

In relation to bcannon comment on how to reproduce the error
(setting all variables to None in the module), my guess is
that while exiting, the python interpreter is somehow
freeing all variables in the module (cleaning the module or
something), but the module is still running and that raises
the error... is this possible?

Note: if the thread is not daemonised, the problem desapears
but the script (the python interpreter) takes a while to finish.
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