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Author brett.cannon
Date 2003-06-16.06:58:51
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OK, following Tim's advice I checked and it seems that Thread 
calls a method while shutting itself down that calls 
Condition.notifyAll which calls currentThread which is a global.  It 
would appear that offlineimap is leaving its threads running, the 
program gets shut down, the threads raise an error while 
shutting down (probably because things are being torn down), 
this triggers the stopping method in Thread, and this raises its 
own exception because of the teardown which is what we are 
seeing as the TypeError.

So the question is whether Condition should store a local 
reference to currentThread or not.  It is not the most pure 
solution since this shutdown issue is not Condition's, but the only 
other solution I can think of is to have Thread keep a reference 
to currentThread, inject it into the current frame's global 
namespace, call Condition.notifyAll, and then remove the 
reference from the frame again.  I vote for the cleaner, less pure 
solution.  =)

Am I insane on this or does it at least sound like this is the 
problem and proper solution?
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