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Date 2012-06-19.13:17:09
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It's not that simple as we currently use public functions for copying the files and the metadata. copyfile is explicitly _not_ supposed to copy any metadata so we can't patch it up to do so. Also that won't help for other stat & xattr data so this fix would be rather incomplete.

umask is ruled out too, because that isn't (if I'm not mistaken) thread safe thus wouldn't help against stat & xattr disclosures anyway.

Therefore we'll have to re-implement the whole metadata "stack" for copy and copy2 using fd-based functions. Taking into account #4489, I guess it's the best way (+ hoping someone implements safe versions for other platforms too).

The mode itself can also be copied pretty easily using a custom opener for open ( has a mode argument).

I doubt I will be able to do that till beta1 though. But I suppose we can commit this while in the betas?
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