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Date 2012-06-02.02:57:02
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1) I'm totally in favor of making the standard library safe. For that purpose, I think we should do a combination of:

a) Use file locks in logging, whenever possible.

b) Introduce LockUnsafelyReinitializedAtFork, using a generation counter, or whatever else, which can be used by the few places in the standard library that can safely deal with lock reinitialization.

2) does not actually document that preexec_fn is unsafe and in need of deprecation. New users will continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

3) I think that in addition to making the standard library safe, all other locks need to be made sane (crash or deadlock), so that we at least always avoid the option "2) continue to execute the child despite it relying on an unsafe lock".
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