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Author r.david.murray
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Date 2012-06-01.19:48:00
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I updated the tests to Python3, and attempted to replicate the fix using the new importlib qualname support.  Even if it had worked, this would not have finished the patch, since Michael wants to generate a failing test instead of raising the import error.

However, I'm running into weird problems and am shelving this for the moment.  The issue is that if I run the tests like this:

   ./python -m unittest test.test_unittest

(or via regrtest) they fail with the wrong name in the error message.  If I run them like this:

    ./python -m unittest unittest.test.test_loader.TestLoader.<name of test>

the right name is in the message.  I suspect the bug is in the tests, but I'm not spotting it.  Maybe someone else will see it.
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