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Date 2012-05-31.20:48:39
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Attached is an updated version of Charles-François's reinit_locks.diff.


* Handles RLock by assuming that if self->count != 0 when we acquire
  the lock, then the lock must have been reinitialized by PyThread_ReInitLocks().

* Applies existing fork tests for Lock to RLock.

* Fixes capitalization issues with PyThread_ReInitLocks()/PyThread_ReinitLocks().

* Defines PyThread_ReInitLocks() to be empty on non-pthread platforms.

Note that RLock._is_owned() is unreliable after a fork until RLock.acquire() has been called.

Also, no synchronization has been added for the list of locks.  Are PyThread_allocate_lock() and PyThread_free_lock() supposed to be safe to call while not holding the GIL?
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