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Although mainly focussed on MinGW, I've begun adding Darwin cross support. I've also built Darwin cross compilers. The latest Linux version can be found at:

Here's a run-down of what's in the patch:
 Set MACHDEP=darwin when using darwin-cross compilers.
 Set DELIM to ; for MACHDEP=win.
 Switch from PC/getpathp.c to Modules/getpath.c for MinGW build.
  This gives us a posix like layout as needed by autotools projects
  such as GDB.
 Add MSYSVPATH as an env. var to configure (used in getpath.c):
  MSYS make uses a 'virtual' VPATH, but getpath.c uses
  GetModuleFileNameW (replacing \ with /). This allows the user to
  define the 'actual 'real' value. Note, it should contain / not \,
  (i.e. use ecactly what is printed by "pwd -W")
 Fixes to build with MinGW64 for REPARSE_DATA_BUFFER (needs defining)

 Define Py_wstat for MinGW/MinGW64.

 Define SEP to / and ALTSEP to \ for MinGW.
 Fix RE_VERSION in for handling MinGW64 compiler versioning.
 Ask gcc where ld is instead of requiring it to be passed in os.environ
 Allow passing in the CC so sysroots can be determined from -print-search-dirs
 If this CC passing is detected, use $CCINSTALL/include/stddef.h as netinet/in.h doesn't come with MinGW.

 Avoid _set_abort_behavior on MinGW64 as it's broken.

 Add support for MinGW.

 Change case (to lower) of #include <MSTcpIP.h> for MinGW/MinGW64 cross.

 Rename _PyParser_Grammar to _PyParser_MetaGrammar to avoid multiply defined symbols.

 Translate ALTSEP (\) to SEP (/) in Py_SetProgramName
 Add 'msi','cabinet','rpcrt4' as libs to link against for _msi module.
 Fix an error with self.get_platform() no longer being defined (changed to host_platform)

Best regards,

Ray Donnelly.
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