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> Could even add an `operation` parameter to let the caller
> select actions,
> [...]
> operation in ['auto', 'run', 'edit', 'display', 'browse',
> 'explore', 'share', 'send', 'like', 'email', 'open', 'xdg-open',
> ...] # can be incrementally added/implemented

IIRC ShellExecute on Windows has support for verbs like this.  But how would we implement support for "explore" / "share" / "send" / "like" on Mac OS X and Linux?

The only flag I can think of supporting in a cross-platform way would be "execute=True", which on Windows would mean try the verb "run" before trying the default, and on OS X and Linux would mean look for the execute bit / the "#!" signature and run it if possible first before using "xdg-open".
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