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Date 2012-05-25.18:14:25
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Here are a few proposals that spring to mind:

1a) Update all Windows references to Windows 7 or Vista/7. We can include XP, but I think Microsoft is dropping support next year.

1b) Update all Python references to the current version instead of 2.2 and 2.3. I don't know why there's a mix of two different versions in the document anyway.

2) Drop the question "How do I make Python scripts executable?" Python files have been working on Windows for me since 2.5 just by double-clicking them. I don't see any reason to mention the command-file hack.

3) Drop the question "Why does Python sometimes take so long to start?" I personally haven't seen this happen except with some scripts that actually have a lot of stuff to load, like certain wxPython stuff I've written.

4) Change the question "Where is Freeze for Windows?" to the question "How do I make Python scripts into an executable?" and then drop all mention of ye olde "Freeze" and put some information in there pointing to PyInstaller, py2exe (last updated 2008, so maybe not?), cx_freeze, bb_freeze or whatever. 

5) I don't see any mention of PyWin32 or comtypes in the FAQ. While ctypes has a brief mention in the os.kill() section, it's not really explained. We might want to mention those.

6) We might want to drop the os.popen() stuff since that was deprecated / removed in favor of subprocess, right?

7) Drop the questions about Windows 95/98 issues

8) I don't think the question "How do I extract the downloaded documentation on Windows?" is even applicable any more

9) Is the question "Missing cw3215mt.dll (or missing cw3215.dll)" still relevant? I've never experienced that on any machine.
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