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Chris Lambacher

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 10:50 AM, Martin v. Löwis  added the comment:

> lambacck: I'm -1, but I'm willing to yield ...
> regular users won't have to deal with negative
> consequences that enabling this by default may have.

> I'm quite opposed to your proposed conditional approach;
> I think this will be highly confusing to users.

Could you clarify what you think will be confusing?  I see (a slight
variant of) Chris Lambacher's conditional approach as the obvious best
choice, if it is feasible.

(1)  The default is "What you are already doing."
(2)  If this is your only install, then assume you do want it on the
path, as many newbies would.

The only tweak is that if there is already a path to an
*older-but-compatible* version, then its path entry should be replaced
(not added to).

Or are you concerned that there may be differences of opinion on
whether or not 3.4 is sufficiently compatible with 3.3, and that
making the default context-sensitive will cause this to be Python's
problem, rather than the application's?

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