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Date 2012-05-24.15:26:06
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I was reading through and noticed that its examples are based on Python 2.2-2.3 and it only really covers up to Windows 2000 with just a couple mentions of XP. 

There are also sections in there that I'm not even sure are still issues, such as the "Why does Python sometimes take so long to start?" and "Where is Freeze for Windows?". The latter should probably be a different question like "How do I make my program into an EXE?" or similar and then list some of the binary building scripts, like cx_freeze, py2exe, bbfreeze, etc, especially since the "freeze" script isn't included in the newer distros as far as I can tell. At least, it's not in the location that the FAQ says it is.

Do we even want the questions about NT and Windows 98? I would be happy to try to update the FAQ if my fellow developers can give me some direction on what we need to cut, keep and/or add.
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