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Thanks.   I too am wondering where the documentation should go.  We currently have several locations for documentation:
  (1) the man page
  (2) the "Doc" subdirectory aka
  (3) various text files in the source tree, such as Misc/SpecialBuilds.txt
  (4) the devguide
  (5), and other web sites

This feature is about instrumentation of CPython, which is of use to several audiences, such as:
  (a) people working on CPython's internals
  (b) Python developers seeking to understand performance issues
  (c) sysadmins trying to tweak the performance of, say, a deployed web app

As I understand it, the devguide is targetting (a), whereas the Doc subdirectory of the cpython sources is targetting (b) when they're writing the code, but not necessarily when tuning it, and (c) doesn't seem to get covered.

So perhaps there should be a new top-level section of documentation within the main Python Doc directory covering instrumentation and performance?  (e.g. "instrumentation" or "debugging"). If so, these docs could be an entry within that section.  Though I don't want to block this feature on writing up a full guide to debugging/deploying Python :)

Less ambitiously, we could just add it to the "howto" section (which appears to be something of a dumping ground for docs that didn't fit neatly into the other categories).  Would that be acceptable in lieu of a better location?

Or is this something for the python-dev mailing list?
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