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> If you get a warning, it means your tests lack proper cleanup, so you
> should fix that instead of trying to make the warning disappear by
> circumventing regrtest's detection mechanism.

What makes you say I was trying to circumvent regrtest's detection mechanism? I wasn't. Isn't it the case that tests shouldn't affect global state? Since regrtest told me that global state was being changed by the smtpd module used by the test, I tried to find a way of avoiding changing global state in my test - but because of the problem I mention, I couldn't see a way of using smtpd without affecting global state. This is partly because of an underlying wart in asyncore, which this issue is trying to address.

Do you have a proposal about how to solve this - is there something you think I've missed? Do you have specific concerns about the approach being discussed?
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