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Date 2012-04-24.22:05:14
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Attached is round 1 of my patch adding the ns= parameter to utime, futimes, and lutimes.

Some notes:

* I admit the "see utime for use of times and ns" documentation dodge
  (for both Doc and docstring) is lazy.  Yet I'm still hoping to get
  away with it.
* I removed futimens because it's now extraneous.
* I didn't add ns= to utimensat or futimesat. That's because I'm hoping to get rid of them via #14626.  (And lutimes too, come to think of it!)  I hereby promise that if they survive to June 15th I'll add ns= support
before 3.3 hits beta.
* At last, shutil.copystat (and therefore shutil.copy2) now *exactly*
  preserves timestamps. :D
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