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I'll be happy to code, test, and use the new ____.____() function wherever it ends up and whatever it is named... but...

> Initially this issue was about implementing a startfile-equivalent on
> posix.  But if you have to add a gui option to startfile to not lanuch > a GUI, and your real goal is a consistent way to launch non-gui 
> programs on posix

Actually, my real goal was a consistent way of launching any editor or viewer (or even interpreter) on any platform with graceful fallback from the caller's preferred action to the others. I wanted my application that called the new idiomatic standard library function to do something  smarter (in my mind) than what OSes do by default and more consistent and robust than what hg and bzr do by design. Perhaps the fallback should only be within the read/write/execute "silos", but that should be configurable as well, defaulting to do the safe thing (fallback within editors or within viewers only).

    GUI viewer (IE, then Firefox, then Chrome, then Safari)
    GUI editor (notepad, then ...)
    shell editor ($EDITOR, then vim, then vi, then nano, etc)
    shell viewer (less, then more, then cat)

Obviously this isn't feasible. At least not for my first patch.
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